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Week 12 Design

Watch Holder

A very useful and cool design for watch collectors. You can put your watches on display, showing them off instead of putting them into a box, no one will be able to see it. It is also an easier way to choose which watch you want to wear as well.
However, this design should have the choice of adjusting from big to small (circumference) to accomodate people who have smaller or bigger wrist. It will also be able to put other type of watches around it. They should also have a plastic cover outside, so that the watches would not get dusty.


Assignment 2

We would want to know the most popular pet among our friends.
We did a survey, asking 40 of our friends.

Q1) Do you currently own a pet?
~ Yes
~ No

if yes,
Q2) What pet do you own? (tick)
> Cat
> Bird
> Dog
> Hamster
> Rabbit
> Tortoise
> others: please specify: _______

if no,
Q3) Which pet is MOST favourable to you? Choose 1
> Cat
> Bird
> Dog
> Hamster
> Rabbit
> Tortoise
> others: please specify: _______


Dogs are the most popular pet.
We also asked those people who chose dogs, reasons why they like dogs to be their pets.
• a good companion
• fun to play with
• loyal
• cute
• helpful
• friendly
• clever

Week 11 Design

The Pram Bicycle

I found this pram bicycle design very cool and so thoughful. People with children get so busy and perhaps don’t have the time to exercise or even use their children as an excuse that they have no time.
Small children love to go on car rides or just want like to be on the go. Putting them on this pram, it is just like going on car rides. This would be even better, as the parent gets to exercise and the child gets to enjoy as well.
I feel that this design could be improved. There are some people who may have more than 1 child. If this bicycle could have the different amount of prams attach to it, it would be much better, but perhaps the amount would be limited (2 to 3 prams) as 1 person could push how many prams.
Even could have a 2 seater bicycle, enjoying and exercising as a family.

Week 10 Design

The Bed

I find this bed design very cool and stylish. Suitable for your children of different ages from a toddler to a primary school kid. It can be use as a bed, sofa and perhaps taking away the mattress, it can be use as a storage place.
If this bed could be extended longer and perhaps even bigger. It would be even better and could be also use for all ages and if this bed could come in many different colours, it will be more suitable for everyone.

Assignment 2 part 2

We did a survey to get information about people’s feelings, their knowledge and how they would treat dogs.
Primary Target: Dog’s Owners
Secondary Target: Everyone

Survey Question

Q1) Are you a dog owner?
• Yes
• No

Q2) On a scale of 1 to 5, how close are you with your dog?
1. Extremely not close
2. Not close
3. Average
4. Close
5. Extremely Close

Q3) How regularly do you bring your dog to check up?
• Never
• Once a year
• Once a month
• Others, please specify:__________

Q4) How often do you bring your dog out for a walk?
• Less than once a month
• Less than once a week
• Weekly
• Daily
• Others, please specify:__________

Q5) If your dogs irritates you, what will you do?
• Caged it
• Tie it up
• Whack it
• Others, please specify:__________

Q6) If you feel that you can’t take care of your dog anymore, what would you do?
• Release it
• Find another owner
• Bring it to SPCA
• Others, please specify:__________

Q2) On a scale of 1 to 5, hoe much do you love dogs?
1. Hate
2. Not really
3. Average
4. Love
5. Extremely love

Q3) How many friends do you know that keeps a dog?
• 0
• 1 to 5
• 6 to 10
• More than 10

Q4) Do you have any interest in buying a dog?
• Yes
• No
• Maybe

Q5) If you had a dog, how much time would you spend with it?
• Never
• Less than once a week
• More than once a week
• Daily
• More than 6 hours a day
• Less than 6 hours a day

Q6) If you know of any dogs that are being abused, what would you do?
• Confront owner
• Leave it
• Call SPCA
• Others, please specify:__________

Last Question is for everyone to answer:
Q7) What do you think is abusing? (tick)
o Dirty living conditions
o Bring to vet regularly
o Tied up
o Bring them out for a walk regularly
o Caged
o Not feeding regularly
o Beat to discipline them
o Bring to vet only when you have time
o Keeping it at home
o Bring them out for a walk only when you have time

Assignment topic: Pets
The Problem:As we can see many abandon pets around the neighbourhood mostly is cats and dogs, and also hearing many stories on how people abuse them / watching videos as some of them actually record the process and put it up on the internet.
So here, we want to create awarness to owners that they should treat their pets better.

Research on pets
We research in the internet on places that provides shelter for these poor animals.
~ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA);
From this website:
We got a very important statics that is very shocking and heartbreaking

Coded from:
In the month of October, there were 91 cruelty cases.
There were 65 cases involving dogs:-
• 36 cases of dogs kept in poor living conditions
• 6 cases of dogs tied up
• 6 cases of dogs barking
• 5 cases of dogs physically abused
• 4 cases of dogs left sick and untreated
• 3 cases of dogs caged
• 2 cases of dogs in small cages
• 1 case of dogs for illegal sale
• 1 case of dangerous dog
• 1 case of dog found killed/dead

15 cases involving cats:-
• 5 cases of cats physically abused
• 3 cases of cats found killed/dead
• 2 cases of cat kept in poor living conditions
• 1 case of cats tied up
• 1 cases of cats in small cage
• 1 case of cat poisoned
• 1 case of cat left sick and untreated
• 1 case of cat allowed to stray

2 cases involving birds:-
• 2 cases of birds in poor living conditions

5 case involving rabbits:-
• 2 cases of rabbits in poor living conditions
• 2 cases of rabbits in small cage
• 1 case of rabbits caged

1 case involving hamster:-
• 1 case of hamsters in poor living conditions

1 case involving various farm animals:-
• 1 case of various farm animals kept in poor living conditions

1 case involving fish:-
• 1 case of fish slaughtered in an inhumane manner

1 case involving crustaceans:-
• 1 case of crustaceans slaughtered in an inhumane manner

AVA referrals:
9 cases were referred to CAWC in the month of October:-
• 3 case involving animals kept in poor conditions at a pet shop
• 2 cases of animals kept in poor living conditions
• 1 cases of alleged abuse
• 1 case of crustaceans slaughtered in an inhumane manner
• 1 case of fish slaughtered in an inhumane manner
• 1 case of animals being left unattended

Police Cases:
2 cases were handled by the police in the month of October:-
• 1 cases of animals found killed/dead
• 1 case of animals allegedly poisoned

Just within 1 month, 65 cases of dogs being abused was reported. How many more unknown, we wouldn’t know.

Coded from:
From this site’s documents, there were reports with pictures on how owners treated their pets. In each picture, the animals were hurt and bleeding, all of them looked very sad.

Coded from: SPCA
Do not buy a pet if:
You do not have time to take care of it;
You are not around most of the time;
Just because the children want it;
You need a guard dog;
You are going to tie it up or put it in a cage for the rest of its life;
You are not willing to spend time and money taking it to the vet;
You are not prepared to train it and exercise it regularly;
You are not prepared to feed it a balanced diet.

These are rules that everyone should keep in mind before deciding that they would want a pet. They shouldn’t of get a pet in a moment of impulse and after that throwing them away or using the pets as a punching bag.

Conclusion: As the numbers of dog abuse is so terrible, we decded to do our research on dogs and to create awareness on how owners should treat their dogs and things that they should or shoudn’t do to them. Perhaps people who see abuse pets, they should do something about it and not just let the animals be tortured.

*all pictures were taken from the SPCA website*

Week 9 Design

The Seat

In your own home, you would like to buy many things to decorate it but at the thought of whether there is enough space, you start to have seconds thoughts.
This seat is very compact, u can have a family of 4 sitting together for meals and at the end, just stack it and put it at a corner and it wouldn’t take up much space. It can also act as a decoration for your home, as there are many different ways of placing it.
It kind of reminds me of christmas.=)

Q: Write down 2 objectives of the user-test
(Why would we want to do a user-test on the website)

  1. First-time users, would they know where to navigate
  2. Are users able to find their information easily / be able to understand

Q: How you want to conduct the user-test

  • Method:
  • through email
    – surveys
    user testing (face to face)
    – recording their movements

  • Setup:
  • environment would be a computer lab
    anywhere with a laptop

  • Who to recruit:
  • age from 17 to 40
    local and international
    – students (primary)
    – teachers (secondary)

Week 8 Design

Magnet Holder

I like this design alot as this magnet can help to hold, organise your items, neatly placed and organised.
The holder is small and doesn’t take up much place on the table.
However, the magnet is pretty small so if the stack of items is too thick, it will not be able to hold the items together. The magnet should have different sizes to hold different thickness of items.

Persona 2

Persona for